Here is a video tutorial using Tabs – note that it is using the Front End Editor, but works generally the same.

  1. First, select Backend (or FrontEnd) Editor.
  2. Add a row.
  3. Click the plus button inside the row and find Tabs.
  4. It will prepopulate with two blank tabs. Click the yellow pencil icon to edit the first tab.
  5. You’ll enter the Tab Title.
  6. In the Section ID, you’ll give it a name that will act as a url (use hyphens instead of spaces). This will add the #name to the url for that tab.
  7. Click the Plus icon inside that tab to add your elements for the tab. You can add rows, text blocks, etc. Once you have that as you like it, continue to the next tab.
  8. When you need to add a new tab, click this plus icon.
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