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We would like to thank you for your concern and support of your loved one in the program. One of the issues we work on with the men is personal responsibility and integrity. To this end, there are a number of rules that the men have to follow when it comes to communication with loved ones. We want you to be aware of these rules so we may work together to see God’s will accomplished in their life.

Phone Calls

  • Students are allowed two phone calls (total) every seven days (Tuesday through Sunday). No phone calls on Monday. If an emergency occurs then you may call your student’s counselor.
  • Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday are phone days for student’s whose last names begin with the letters A through K.
  • Wednesday, Friday & Sunday are phone days for student’s whose last names begin with the letters L through Z.
  • Each phone call is limited to 15 minutes.
  • It is helpful to have a standing time each week when the student can expect a call from family and be prepared to take it.
  • We encourage communication by letter as much as possible.


We encourage the positive encouragement of family during our students stay. Postal Mail is brought into the Training Center and given out daily from 11:30am to 12:15pm.

  • Return address and name of sender must be on all incoming and outgoing mail.
  • No subscriptions for literature (magazines, newspapers, etc.) are permitted.
  • The counselors will ask that all packages be opened in front of them at “mail call”.
  • A counselor’s note must be accompanied with the student who has a fiancée and receiving mail.
  • Training Center’s address is to be used for all family, medical and/or legal correspondence.
  • Only individually wrapped hard candy or chewing gum are permitted. All other food items received, including drink mixes and coffee become property of TCTC kitchen. We find food items increases ant and pest problems in the dorm areas.

The correct mailing address

Teen Challenge Training Center
c/o {students Name}
P.O. Box 98
33 Teen Challenge Road
Rehrersburg, PA 19550


  • The student through his counselor must arrange all visits two weeks in advance. “Surprise” visits are not allowed.
  • In order to receive a pass or visitation, a student’s family must attend Family Day. However, once the family has attended five Family Day trainings, the family is no longer required to attend Family Day to receive a pass (although families are welcome and encouraged to attend more than five).
  • Families must stay for graduation the first time you attend Family Day at the Training Center in Rehrersburg. You may check your student out for their pass at 11:45, enjoy the provided lunch, and sit together for the graduation ceremony. You are then free to leave campus. After you have attended one graduation, you do not have to stay for graduation in the future and may leave campus at 11:45 and the student must be returned and signed in by 8pm.
  • RSVPs for Family day are two-fold; families must confirm their plans with the SAFE Department and students must apply for a pass from the Counseling Department. Families must RSVP at least one week prior to Family Day. Your student must apply for a pass through the counseling department and list the family members who plan to attend. Once you have completed five trainings, you will need to RSVP if you plan to take your student on a pass even if you will not be joining us for the Family Day activities.
  • Students are eligible for a visit or marriage pass beginning with the first weekend of the second month of there arrival. There must be four weeks between subsequent visits or passes.
  • When the requirements of family day attendance are met and passes are taken on a non-family day time visits are allowed on Saturday or Sunday, and visiting hours are as follows. Saturday from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Sunday, a visit begins after morning chapel service ends at about 11:00 AM, and students must be properly dressed and in Chapel by 5:55 PM.
  • During visiting hours, a student may leave T.C.T.C. campus with his visitors for up to 8 hours. It is his responsibility to sign out when he leaves and sign back in when he returns. If he brings items back, or visitors bring items to him, they must be checked in at the front desk.
  • As a rule, one student may not participate in another student’s visit.
  • All visitors must be dressed appropriately and modestly. Anyone with tight and revealing attire may be asked to cover up.
  • Students are allowed to have immediate family join them for chapel services; for our Sunday morning service Family can come and hour before and stay an hour after (Visitors must stay in the chapel or dining hall area). Family is also allowed to come to Wednesday, Friday and Sunday evening services 15 minutes before the service and must leave 15 minutes after. Please contact the chaplain for service dates and times and when arriving check in with the front desk.


  • Married students may have an overnight pass with their wives in lieu of a visit. They are allowed to leave on pass at 7:00 AM Saturday and must be back by 10:00 PM Sunday.
  • The student must make arrangements through his counselor for a marriage or a fifth month pass two to
    four weeks in advance.
  • Students in their fifth month at T.C.T.C. may become eligible for a pass according to the posted schedule of selected weekends designated for travel. He will be allowed to leave T.C.T.C. no earlier than 3:45 PM on Thursday and must return by 10:00 PM on Sunday.
  • A student may get private transportation from a family member, taxi or may get a van ride according to the Training Center’s posted schedule to the Lehigh Valley International Airport, Harrisburg International Airport or Reading Inter-City Bus Terminal. We cannot transport students to, or pick them up from, any other location.
  • The carriers at the Lehigh Valley International Airport (formally Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton Airport) are Air Canada, Continental, Delta, Northwest, Southeast, United and USAir.
  • The carriers at the Harrisburg Airport are Air Canada, American, Continental, Delta, Delta-Comair, Northwest, United and USAir.
  • The only bus service through the Reading’s Inter-City Bus Terminal is Trailways.
  • Students should be able to take flights scheduled from Lehigh Valley International Airport (Allentown-Bethlehem) at 6:15 PM or later. Students must arrive at the Lehigh Valley International Airport by 7:00 PM on Sunday.
  • Students should be able to take flights scheduled from Harrisburg at 6:15 PM or later. Students must arrive at the Harrisburg Airport by 7:00 PM on Sunday.
  • Students should be able to take buses scheduled from Reading at 4:45 PM or later. Students must arrive at the Reading Inter-City Bus terminal by 10:00 PM on Sunday.
  • Teen Challenge does not provide van Transportation to Allentown, Harrisburg and Reading every weekend. Please confirm the eligible weekends through your family member here in the program before making any plans or public transportation reservations. It is strongly advised to always purchase refundable tickets when available.


  • Students are permitted to have individually wrapped hard candy and gum.
  • No one is permitted to bring food onto the property of Teen Challenge at any time.
  • All food and prohibited items delivered by mail or brought in becomes the property of Teen Challenge and will not be returned or distributed to other students.


  • Students may receive checks and money orders through the mail, addressed directly to them.
  • There is a seven to ten day waiting period for a student to cash any check or money order.
  • Students may keep up to $25.00 on them at any time and any monies above this must be put into the student bank.
  • Students will be allowed to make one withdrawal of up to $25.00 per week. $25.00 has proven to be more than enough for students to carry as all of their food is provided and other needs are offered at a small sum of money.
  • No checks or money orders over $200.00 will be cashed
  • Please always let staff know when handing a student cash as they may be tempted not to report or to use it on contraband.

*Who is considered “Family” for phone calls, mail, visits and passes?

To help us know who is contacting the students we have defined those able to contact students while enrolled in the program.

A family member is an immediate parent, sibling, spouse or child of the student. Grandparents may be included in the event that they raised a student in lieu of biological, adoptive, or foster parents. For all visits, a fiancée MUST be accompanied by a parent(s) or an approved a chaperone by the student’s Teen Challenge counselor.


Phone calls, passes, and visits are privileges that may be revoked or restricted at any time if a student commits an infraction that requires disciplinary action. If we take that step, please understand that we consider it to be in the best interest of the student and a necessary part of his development of Christian character. Thank you once again for your support of your loved one who is in the program. We appreciate your cooperation and willingness to work with us in these matters.

God bless you,
The Student Services Department

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