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Seminar Schedule

12:00pm: God’s Will for the Future Ministry Of Teen Challenge

Rev. Jack Provard
Location: TC Chapel
Rev. Jack Provard is a graduate of Valley Forge Christian College. He
pastored four churches and was the Director of Church Ministries at
Southern New England District Assemblies of God. He is currently
semi-retired and serves at Teen Challenge Training Center as a teacher, chapel speaker, and certified ministry representative for AG Financial
Services Group. His seminar will focus on how students, staff, and alumni can support the future of Teen Challenge.

1:00pm: Living Free… A Biblical Perspective on Sex & Relationships

Toni McFadden
Location: TC Chapel
The topics of relationships and sex have been distorted in our culture. Since becoming a believer in Christ,
Toni has developed a passion for both men and women to know the truth about relationships and sex, based on the word of God.
Toni earned her undergraduate degree from West Chester University and will graduate with her Master’s Degree in Biblical Counseling from Summit University in May, 2016. She served as Director of Relationship Education in the greater Philadelphia area for 5 years. Toni also has experience speaking on the topic of relationships and sex internationally in Africa and Israel.
Toni has been married to Kristopher McFadden for six years and loves
being a stay-at-home mom to their four children Isaac, Ayriana, Isabella, and Kristopher Jr.

2:00pm: Families Living Free From Addiction

Joel Jakubowski
Location: TC Chapel
This educational program helps individuals/families (especially those dealing with addicted loved ones) to more clearly understand the nature of addiction, its effect on the addicted, and its effect on the family and friends of the addicted. The program provides information on how to recognize common unhealthy response patterns to the addicted loved one and tools and resources for healthy responses. The program also
provides an understanding of what motivates addicted loved ones, who are resistant to change, to enter treatment.

3:00pm: Living Free Through Conflict Resolution

Jim Offutt
Location: TC Chapel
Is negative conflict destroying your closest relationships? Do you find that you have difficulty in resolving your
conflicts? Find help and healing from negative conflict
patterns through learning and using positive conflict. Learn to understand your friends and relatives better. Start a generational blessing in you and your family that can last for years.
We all have conflicts with each other because of our differences in ideas, values, personalities, genders, etc. Regrettably, we tend to follow the
conflict pattern of our parents, which usually doesn’t resolve our mutual issues. Learn how positive conflict can help resolve your clashes biblically so that both parties achieve a positive resolution.

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